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With Home Swap powered by Knock, you can find your new home, buy it, and then sell your current home. In today's market, that is a game changer. Click the button below to get started.

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How It Works:

1. Get Pre-Approved

We’ll get you fully underwritten for a new home loan including down payment advance so you can start making offers fast.

2. Then Buy Your New Home

Put down a winning offer on your dream home and move in right away. You only pay your new mortgage while we cover your old one.

3.Then Sell Your Current Home

We’ll pre-pay up to $25K to get your old house ready for listing on the open market so it sells fast for top dollar. And then the process is complete!

Why Home Swap?

Real Clients. Real Experiences.

FAQ's and Program Requirements

This is a flexible program designed to making the buying and selling process less stressful and more convenient.

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